Record News

Our latest releases are tapes by Usurper, Fritz Welch and Bridget Hayden,
and CDs by Maya Dunietz & Tom White and Papal Bull.

Forthcoming releases are a laser cut & risograph booklet of performance notes and digital album by Katz Mulk, a CD by Jon Collin, a cassette by Secluded Bronte, and an lp by Roman Nose.

We helped make another tv series fairly recently:

The following releases are still available:

SK026 Maya Dunietz & Tom White – “Summer Crash” CD

SK025 Usurper – “The Big Five” CASS
SK024 Fritz Welch – “Nothing to Offer” CASS
SK023 Papal Bull – “Argot of Incomprehension” CD (singing knives/discombobulate)
SK016 Dylan Nyoukis – Carrion Hut LP
SK014 Pekko Käppi – Vuonna ’86 LP

Rotten Tables, Golden Meat – “My Nose Is Broken” CASS (total vermin)

Some Singing Knives releases and the music of related projects
are available for download here:

Please email if you’ve any questions, requests or proposals.

Singing Knives