Record News

Our latest releases are CDs by Jon Collin and Maya Dunietz & Tom White, a risograph booklet of performance notes with download code by Katz Mulk, and, most recently (Dec 2017), a tape by Secluded Bronte.

Before that we released a CD by Papal Bull, and tapes by Usurper, Fritz Welch and Bridget Hayden.

Forthcoming releases (spring 2018) include an lp by Roman Nose.

We helped make another tv series in the not too distant past (Feb 2016):

And, the following releases are still available:

SK027 Jon Collin – “The Glorious Licking” CD

SK026 Maya Dunietz & Tom White – “Summer Crash” CD

SK025 Usurper – “The Big Five” CASS
SK024 Fritz Welch – “Nothing to Offer” CASS
SK023 Papal Bull – “Argot of Incomprehension” CD (singing knives/discombobulate)
SK016 Dylan Nyoukis – Carrion Hut LP
SK014 Pekko Käppi – Vuonna ’86 LP

Rotten Tables, Golden Meat – “My Nose Is Broken” CASS (total vermin)

Some Singing Knives releases and the music of related projects
are available for download here:

Please email if you’ve any questions, requests or proposals.


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