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Chris Corsano; Luke Poot
Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield
Thursday 4 October 2018
Jacques Demierre & Anouck Genthon; Pascal Nichols; Mick Beck
Over The Top, 78 Kingfield Rd, Sheffield S11 9AU
Saturday 12 May 2018
Katz Mulk; Posset; Historically Fucked; F Ampism; Luke Poot & Duncan Harrison; Sippy Cup; Dylan Nyoukis, Kieron Piercy & Ian Murphy; Acrid Lactations & Jointhee; Giblet Gusset; Gwilly Edmondez & Jamie Wrest
57-59 Club Garden Rd, Sheffield S11 8BU
Saturday 2 December 2017
Maya Dunietz & Tom White, Luke Poot, Piggle, Pascal Nichols
The Shakespeare, 146-8 Gibraltar St, Sheffield S3 8UB
Friday 12 August 2016
Posset, Yol, Omoplate Sarangi, Tepeu y Q’uq’umatz, Papal Bull
Furniture Makers, Portland Works S2 4SJ
Saturday 21 February 2015
Peak Signal 2 Noise present The Optophonic Workshop
with Adam Bohman, Rhodri Davies, Sharon Gal, Human Heads and much more.
Saturday 26 July 2014
Usurper, Joyce Whitchurch, Lovely Honkey, Omoplate Sarangi
The Rutland Arms, Sheffield S1 2BS
Thursday 3 July 2014
Mountains of Tongues: Musical Dialects of the Caucusus
The Red Deer Pub, Sheffield S1 4DD
Wednesday 4 June 2014
Posset, THF Drenching & Enjoy Your Homes, Papal Bull,
Blue Yodel & Lovely Honkey, Ross Parfitt & Stephen Chase
The Rutland Arms, Sheffield S1 2BS
Sunday 18 May 2014
Jooklo Duo, Gelba, Dave Jackson
Queens Social Club, Queens Road, Sheffield S2 4DG
Thursday 13 March 2014
An Evening of Artists’ Talks with Tom Varley and Rob Lye
Furniture Makers, Portland Works, Randal Street, Sheffield S2 4SJ
Saturday 22 February 2014
Belied Gunaiko , Marvo Men, Panelak, Lysterial Wheel
Victoria Works, Rowland Street, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8DE
Saturday 8 February 2014
Sublime Frequencies in North and West Africa
The Heeley Institute, 147 Glendless Road, Sheffield S2 3NF
Wednesday 18 December 2013
Greg Kelley, Chalaque, Attic Salt
Audacious Art Experiment, 107a Harwood Street, Sheffield S2 4SE
Tuesday 12 November 2013
Pengo, Blood Stereo, Usurper, Akke Phallus Duo
Audacious Art Experiment, 107a Harwood Street, Sheffield S2 4SE
Tuesday 30 July 2013
I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore:
Film, stories & images from the Mississippi Records & Alan Lomax archive
The Heeley Institute, Sheffield S2 3AF
Tuesday 23 July 2013
Jon Collin, Ross Parfitt, Alex Keegan and Enjoy Your Homes
Furniture Makers, Portland Works, Sheffield S2 4SJ
Thursday 18 July 2013
Dirar Kalash, Stuckometer, Marvo Men and Cabbage Rosette
Audacious Art Experiment, 107a Harwood Street, Sheffield S2 4SE
Saturday 29 June 2013
Astma, FIlthy Turd, Chora and Vile Plumage
The Riverside, Sheffield S3 8EN
Saturday 25 May 2013
Piotr Kurek, Lutto Lento and Simon Rose and Pascal Nichols
Audacious Art Experiment, Harwood Street, Sheffield S2 4SE
Friday 10 May 2013
With Lumps, Posset, Spandril and Papal Bull
Furniture Makers, Portland Works, Randall Street, Sheffield S2 4SJ
Friday 26 April 2013
Harappian Night Recordings, Piss Superstition, Malcy Duff,
Blue Yodel, Luke Poot and Turf Geko

Audacious Space, Harwood Street, S2 4SE
Saturday 2 March 2013
THF Drenching, Akke Phallus Duo and Omoplate Sarangi
Audacious Space, Harwood Street, Sheffield, S2 4SE
Tuesday 12 February 2013
Blood Stereo, Dylan Nyoukis, Blue Yodel & Lovely Honky
Audacious Space, Harwood Street, Sheffield, S2 4SE
Friday 27 July 2012
Usurper, Chastity Potato, Ali Robertson, Roman Nose
Audacious Space, Harwood Street, Sheffield, S2 4SE
Saturday 19 May 2012
Phil Minton, Gossip Hags
Bishops’ House
Top of Meersbrook Park, Norton Lees Lane, Sheffield
Saturday 24 March 2012
Acrid Lactations, Tom Settle, Transhuman, My Carapace is Leaking
The Audacious Space, Harwood Street, near Bramall Lane Stadium, Sheffield
Friday 13 January 2012
Ludo Mich, Harappian Night Recordings, Pascal Nichols, Akke Phallus Duo
Cafe Oto
Sunday 20 November 2011
Bill Orcutt, Jessica Rylan, Vampire Blues, Posset
The Riverside (Upstairs), 1 Mowbray Street, Sheffield S3 8EN
Tuesday 11 October 2011
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Vampire Blues, Zweiters
The Riverside (Upstairs), 1 Mowbray Street, Sheffield S3 8EN
Saturday 9 July 2011
Family Elan, Eye, Hard Pan Trio
The Riverside (Upstairs), 1 Mowbray Street, Sheffield S3 8EN
Friday 10 June 2011
The Brothers Unconnected
The Riverside (Upstairs), 1 Mowbray Street, Sheffield S3 8EN
Thursday 12 May 2011
Michael Flower, Infinite Light, Husk
The Riverside (upstairs), 1 Mowbray Street, Sheffield S3 8EN
Friday 4 March 2011
Bridget Hayden, John Jasnoch, Eun-Jung Kim
The Redhouse , 168 Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4DD
Thursday 16 December 2010
Jailbreak, A Masculine Protest, Blue Yodel
The Redhouse , 168 Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4DD
Monday 11 October 2010
Helhesten, U Boat
Furniture Makers, Sheffield
Friday 25 June 2010
Pekko Käppi, Family Elan, Stephanie Hladowski
Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
Thursday 17 June 2010
Alberorovesciato, Whole Voyald-Infinite Light, Ross Parfitt
Archipelago Gallery, Sheffield
Sunday 13 December 2009
Shiggajon, Irma Vep
The Heeley Institute, Sheffield
Saturday 3 October 2009
Ignatz, Es, Chris Forsyth
The Shakespeare, Gibraltar St, Sheffield
Monday 21 September 2009
Flower-Corsano, Hunter Gracchus
Heeley Institute, Sheffield
Friday 27 February 2009
Flower-Corsano, Beck-Bright-Jasnoch, Infinite Light
Heeley Institute, Sheffield
Saturday 3 May 2008
Pekko Käppi, Cath & Phil Tyler
The Red Deer, Sheffield
Monday 11 February 2008
Flower-Corsano, Cooper-Jones
The Red House, Sheffield
Monday 12 February 2007
Steffan Basho Junghans, Tirath Singh Nirmala, Astral Social Club
Nether Edge Social Club, Sheffield
Saturday 22 July 2006
Uton, Bridget Hayden, Ben Reynolds
The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
Saturday 17 June 2006
Sunburned Hand of the Man, Flower-Corsano, Chora, Hush Arbors, Feral Children
Matilda Social Space, Sheffield
Friday 24 February 2006
Jack Rose, Chora-Inecto School, Chris Corsano
Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
Wednesday 22 February 2006
Flower-Corsano; Chora
Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
Thursday 8 December 2005
Taurpis Tula, Flower-Corsano
The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield
Saturday 5 November 2005