Review from Foxy Digitalis

Scatter vocalist Hladowski set aside these four songs from a planned final record for that band. By stripping the sound to a traditional folk style, and with arrangements that build off of instruments like the cello, clarinet, bouzouki and harmonium, “The High High Nest” is an EP that is deeply effecting and almost reverent in its delivery.

Hladowski is especially helped along on those instruments by her brother Chris (The Family Elan) and Isobel Campbell. But it is her rich, lamenting voice that carries each tune to its emotional peak. The acapella “In The Month of January” is the peak of the 10 inch, but “Andrew Lambie” is equally haunting.

Coming from a freak folk background, Stephanie Hladowski and company show themselves on “The High High Nest” to be keyed in to the passionate core of trad folk. This short set packs an emotional punch, and its evocative arrangements and vocals linger longer than most two disc sets.

10/10 — Mike Wood, 11th March 2008