Review from Foxy Digitalis

The Whole Voyald is a collaboration of a handful of four UK musicians that normally play in the groups Serfs, Stuckometer, and Smear Campaign. The “Live at the Heeley Institute” CDR consists of one 28 minute noisy, free-form jam recorded in October of 2006 at, you guessed it, the Heeley Institute (which is in Sheffield). Dual electric guitars, drums, and trumpet supply the sound for the lengthy workout. The track begins innocently enough in near silence, but in no time builds into a cacophonous wall of guitar feedback, insane drumming, and wild trumpet. About midway through the track, the group drops down to almost nothing, with only light guitar and trumpet supplying any sound. Slowly, the guitar starts to rumble again, the trumpet grows louder, and the drums return with their full intensity. Eventually, the wall of sound falls away again and the track ends with minimal guitar feedback and light drumming. Well, it really ends with the sound of people cheering and clapping. . . It seems like the audience liked it, which is no surprise.
Altogether, this is nice slab of improvisation and I was left wishing they had put another set to tape for this disc. Hopefully, the Whole Voyald wasn’t a one-off event for these musicians and they’ll have something else for us someday.

8/10 — Matt Blackall, 11th March 2008