Akke Phallus Duo

The configuration of J Marshall (Hunter Gracchus, Drapeau Noir, Singing Knives, Vampire Blues, Roman Nose, Papal Bull) and Ben Morris (Lost Wax, Chora, Drapeau Noir).

Since meeting in 2005, their sonic paths have crossed
most notably in the septet/octet Le Drapeau Noir.
Apart from guesting in each other’s mainstay projects
they had yet to play as a duo.
AP started as a process of exchange and abandonment of authorship: they swapped recordings, the only rule being that the recipient could do whatever the sound inspired in them to do. The gathering of material has taken them through many solo improvisations with broken instruments (subsequently deconstructed and reconstructed), on acousmatic poaching trips to Italy and Croatia, vocal/running/recording endurances through Peckham at night, and absurdly basking in the heat/sonic waves of an upturned US military tank in static motion…


“For an underground supposedly brought up on and entrenched in experimentation, much of the scene often finds a bizarre rut and stick with it. It’s hard to recall a new outfit with such a natural-sounding experimental aural spread, and one whose music is as successfully enjoyable.” The Quietus