Drapeau Noir


Self-titled LP available here:

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‘…. dream project comprised from members of Hunter Gracchus, Chora and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides. Recorded live from [their debut] performance in Lyon, France, October 2008, this rambling cacophony of free improvisation erupts with big-band formations … Chironex, the French label responsible for last year’s Hunter Gracchus LP, are carrying the European improvisation-on-wax torch high with their second vinyl release … Removed from local scene based movements, this close, yet geographically traversing collective seem to have inspired a sound of a displaced Europe fighting to escape the banality of recycled postmodernism. They escape the vacuum of the trivial object, forging live and simmering performances that playback with an excitement and freedom that somehow remains important out of context. Fusing acoustic and electric with little juxtaposition and much synergy – the performance glides with natural independence.’ Peter Taylor, Foxy Digitalis

Forthcoming tape on Krayon…

a recording of Drapeau Noir’s third performance (Manchester, September 2011)