sk030 Roman Nose (self-titled lp)
sk029 Secluded Bronte – Ten Point Plan To Destroy Astrology (c34)
sk028 Katz Mulk – Husks (booklet/download)
sk027 Jon Collin – The Glorious Licking (cd)
sk026 Maya Dunietz & Tom White – Summer Crash (cd)
sk025 Usurper – The Big Five (c45)
sk024 Fritz Welch – Nothing to Offer (c42)
sk023 Papal Bull – Argot of Incomprehension (cd)
SK022 Bridget Hayden – Just Ideas/The Night’s Veins (c41)
SK021 Posset – Friction Rivers (c40)
SK020 Human Heads – The Beauticinist (c38)
SK019 Ludo Mich with Syed Kamran Ali & Pascal Nichols –
The Wet Black Poodle Transforms (cd)
SK018 Harappian Night Recordings – Shama/Parwana (c44)
SK017 Acrid Lactations – Aura Mirror Come Fickle,
Anachronous Law and Manner (c44)
SK016 Dylan Nyoukis – Carrion Hut LP
SK015 Singing Knives – Thoughts from Screeching Lake Compilation (cd)
SK014  Pekko Käppi – Vuonna 86 (lp)
SK013  Alberorovesciato – ‘Tigers On Acid In The Hell Of The Brushwood’ (cd)
SK012 Shiggajon – ‘Fire Sange I Gul Og Rod’ (cd)
SK011 Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides –
‘Bataille De Battle’ (cd)
SK010 Directing Hand – ‘Songs From The Red House’  (lp)
SK009 MV & EE (lp)
SK008 Stephanie Hladowski (10″)
SK007  The Whole Voyald (cdr)
SK006  Chora ‘the Baptist Grip’ (cdr)
SK005  The Hunter Gracchus ep1 (cdr)
SK004  McWatt -s/t debut (cd)
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SK003  Singing at the Moon compilation (cd)
SK002 The Feather Gatherers (7″)
SK001 Peril Hill  – ‘Scream at the Jackdaw, Make Him Stop’ (cd)