Singing at the Moon Compilation

‘contributions all fall within the parameters of improvised folk or homemade psychedelia, but with a diverse instrumentation and hands-on song craft, Singing At The Moon manages to be always idiosyncratic and occasionally otherwordly
The Wire, January 2007


Tirath Singh Nirmala – Singing At The Moon

One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden – Low Clowns

Peril Hill – Vapours In August

Chora – Live From The Inky Gazelle Gland

Bridget Hayden – Untitled

Nalle – Are You Beautiful Inside? Are You Here?

Feather Gatherers – Leaves

Big Eyes Family Players – Alenky

Michael Flower Band – Santa Flauta

Tau Emerald – The Piano Key

Inecto School – Mullard’s Third Madrigal

James Green – Ribbon

Ben Reynolds – Golden Arm

Directing Hand – Down In Yon Forest

McWatt – Untitled

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