Secluded Bronte

Out now. A 34 minute album on cassette…

“Ten Point Plan To Destroy Astrology”

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Side 1 Kongsberg Alkaline Tetragammatron Negligée Ice and Lemon Terebinth Schubert From Rotterdam Side 2 Naturally Soft The Perfect Realisation Experience Sir, Chicken/Knights Recorded live and on location in Glasgow, Helsinki, Kongsberg, London, Rotterdam, Ysgyryd Fawr. Written and Performed by Bohman/Bohman/Thomas. Produced by Richard Thomas. Adam Bohman: snide drum, HMSI, wine glasses, viola bastarda, kenthorn, tape, utricularium, disused balalaika, keyed guitar, Arp synthesizer, text, voice. Jonathan Bohman: piano, celeste, Nag’s Head Swell, wine glasses, tape, VCS3 and Arp synthesizers, text, toast racks, coconut shells, bass castanets, crystallophone, aubergine, jazzo-flute, globular flute, voice. Richard Thomas: ondes martenot, auber-mirliton, zymbelstern, objects, soft trumpet, octocontrabass clarinet, trumpet marine, electric and acoustic scordatura guitars, piano, celeste, wine glasses, forpex, VCS3, Moog and Arp synthesizers, tape, computer, text, voice. [The Perfect Realisation Experience features Noel Akchote on electric guitar.]