Katz Mulk

Husks started by gathering and playing around Manchester. Followed by performing, moving and more collecting. Songs travelling over offices inland, along the ship canal. If the wind is right you can hear most of the concerts at the cricket ground in Manchester from Whalley Range and Trafford, Luke told us this. 

When Beyonce played in the summer we recorded the crowds around the stadium who had gathered to watch the concert with folding chairs and wine. A messy, improvised, togetherness. It was perfect: the cricket ground is not a high walled nest and you can get a pretty good view. And the sound drifts; ricochets around. What did it sound like when it hit the office block down Talbot Road? Rachel said it there was a weird delay as the sound made contact with the tram shed. 

We recorded our instruments, plus some singing and dancing in and around Hotspur Press (our rehearsal space, now no more). More reverberant spaces; the loft with its computer punch cards and bowed floor,  and the basement with its abandoned fridge freezer which made good for a nice phasing effect with a cube amp inside. Running, walking, playing – trying to find a balance between performing and ‘composing’. One afternoon Ben M. found a pigeon perching in the stairs; the next day I saw it dead on the floor. It’s eyes still open, shit everywhere. The next day the bird was gone.

Husks comes as a risograph booklet of performance notes with album download code.

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