Usurper photo

Listening to this tape is like leafing through a 19th Century Encyclopaedia.  Yes, it’s water-damaged and eccentric but it’s full of beautiful illustrations that blossom in paper and head … monkey, mosquito, giraffe.  Quotidian fever … everyday psychedelia … malaria. A marble rolls past your ear along the cobbles of chuckie pend snicket. Listening to this tape is like leafing through rudimentary fieldnotes of cultural items, imagined/hilarious taxonomy. Taken apart and reconstructed in three, four, five dimensions.  At times sparse and hard-panned (a delirious ethnographer in one ear, a diligent but sleep-deprived museum registrar in the other). Cut to the newly opened Amiens Street Station and the museum’s curator and director discussing its Italianate façade and the recent delivery from South America including said fieldnotes. Back to the rubber trees, heat and snakes then (monochrome) credits. Different medium. Rulers against the exterior of a beaux arts auditorium. Home for tea. Young son. Trans generational game. Rat-a-tat. Cross fade between the four.
45 minutes, sold out.