Review from Plan B Magazine

It’s like the War and Peace of scorching flute skronks. These four wayward epics are all intuitive daredevilry and dead man curves, and they come courtesy of two Mancunian free-jazz renegade lovers, awash in the bohemian district of Lyon. Pascal Nichols’ percussion disperses like 101 dalmatians, unleashed! Kelly Jones keeps up, exporting some big lung! Her tones are a drop dead dronier version of the sax intro to LL Cool J’s ‘Going Back To Cali’. Then, Nichols cools it and the mood turns meditative; Jones serenades cobras, later frantically documenting a fresh kill on the Serengeti.
This is esoteric psych madness, tectonic plates shrinking and contracting like the earth after a big night on the tiles. At one point, Nichols and Jones brandish a muted Magwitch; she moans and rattles chains from the bowels of a ghost ship. Ultimately, I’m baffled.

Shane Moritz, December 2008