Review from The Wire

The revered beard brandishes pick ‘n’ mix. Carrion Hut, which first appeared as a limited CD-R tucked marsupially inside the art edition of Nyoukis’ Inside Wino Lodge LP, collects five very different pieces recorded between 2003 and 2007. “The Frosted Growth” finds Nyoukis in Dubbletwee mode, snarling and barking at his multitracked self. While on the side-long “Late Night Vocal Gravy”, Nyoukis is at his most composerly. The real diamond, though, is the text piece “Strange New Ache”, originally written for Inside Wino Lodge but left off the final cut. The text – read out loud, inverted and mangled, by a half dozen-strong assemble of male and female voices runs. “These strange new muscles have started to ache, these new muscles won’t stop aching…”. Isn’t this what’s going on in Nyoukis’s lunatic sound poems? Psychosis felt as physical pain, delusions of the mind transferred into inexplicable sensation, expressible only in gibbers and howls.

Nick Richardson, The Wire, June 2010